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We are Italian and pasta is one of the main element in our mediterranean diet. Growing up with my Nonna i've learnt to make it fresh every week, using always the freshest ingredients. Currently we offer five different flavours of Tagliatelle: Plain, Green with spinach, Roasted garlic and Rosemary, Lemon and Thyme and Pink with Beetroot. 

Recently we also added two new shapes to our range: Bambin'Os and MiniMias. We found it really hard, few years ago, to find little shapes to introduce as solid in our son's diet, so we started making our own; using our original pasta recipe made with only fresh free range eggs from Katy's farm and plain flour.

Keeping it simple for the most delicate tummies. 

They are also delicious added to your Minestrone or any other soup. 



Our sauces are made using fresh local ingredients, where possible, and respecting the seasonal changes in produce availability.

A nice Venison stew or Traditional Ragù are delicious in winter while a fresh basil Pesto is perfect in spring, when young new plants are ready to be picked. The tomatoes we use are from Italy, so the sun can ripe them naturally. 

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